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Buy Highest Quality
Plastic Raw Materials
From Germany


Sunstainable Trade and Development

We bring highest quality recycled plastic raw materials from Germany to Ethiopia. If you are interested in building recycling projects in Ethiopia we will help you with a knowledge and technology transfer, supporting you with machines and consultants.



We offer HDPE regranulates for extrusion and injection molding from post industrial and post consumer materials. For extrusion we offer HDPE 60 or 80, perfectly fit for irrigation water pipes, or post consumer materials for conduits, foil extrusion and woven bags.

HDPE regranulates for injection molding can be used for crates and household wares, that are not in contact with food or tap water.


We offer high quality PP homo- and co-polymer regranulates, as well as mixtures for extrusion and injection molding for the production of irrigation water pipes and household wares, that are not in contact with food or tap water.


ABS is a technical polymer used for electronic housings. We offer high quality materials in black and grey.

You need other poymers? No problem, just write us your inquiry and specifications!

Our Supporters



We export highest quality plastic regranulates and regrinds to Ethiopia and contribute to a self-motivated development of the Ethiopian recycling industry through our knowledge and technology transfer.

Our work-around for the Ethiopian forex crunch is to buy coffee in the local currency Birr. Through our direct trade, we can ensure best possible margins for local farmers. This way, we provide Germany, China and Taiwan with one of the best coffees in the world and solve our foreign exchange problems in an elegant manner.


Why Recycled Plastic Raw Materials?


Better for your Pocket – safe up to 15% material cost by buying our regranulates and even up to 30% by buying our regrinds, designed for direct use in your production. We only sell highest quality plastic raw materials from Germany, that are on the same level as virgin materials.


Better for the Planet – using recycled raw materials means generating 40% less CO2 and safe 60% on energy consumption*. It also means less plastic waste, that has to be disposed. Did you know, that plastic wastes on landfills generate high amounts of Methane over time? And that Methane is 25 times more destructive to our atmosphere than CO2? Let us help you to put your plastic wastes to new use and safe our planet!


Better for Ethiopia – start using your industrial wastes to produce plastic raw materials for your own production or for the export market and make yourself more independent from import. We will support you with the right machines and knowledge to build a circular economy. Just ask for our exchange programs. Make Ethiopia’s economy thrive and reduce plastic wastes in landfills and nature.


* Comparison of pipes made of 80% recycled material vs pipes made of 100% virgin material.


Plastic2Beans supports 14 out of 17 UN Development Goals

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Call to Action

You are a producer of plastic materials for the construction industry? We can support you with PP, HDPE and other plastic raw materials.

You are a government affiliate? Let’s talk about a cooperation.

You want to build a circular economy? Ask us about our exchange program.

Let’s get things done!